Braze Mobility

Back up sensor system for wheelchairs, man in power wheelchair with sensors alerting him to an object in his environment

What we do

Braze Mobility makes blind spot sensor systems that can be installed on any wheelchair and provide the user with feedback about obstacles in their blind spots. No one has eyes on the back of their head, but with Braze sensor systems, you can have eyes on the back of your wheelchair.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who uses a manual or powered wheelchair for mobility can use our obstacle detection system to increase spatial awareness and to improve maneuvering abilities in tight and/or unfamiliar spaces. Our system is especially useful to those with limited upper body mobility and/or low peripheral vision.

How does it help?

Our system helps increase awareness, safety, and confidence in mobility. It restores dignity to the user by helping prevent wheelchair collisions that can lead to frustration and embarrassment. Watch a customer testimonial to see how our products can help navigate.

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Wade Watts
To have a device back there that is literally watching my back is an amazing feeling!

– Wade Watts, Founder of Wheelchair Friendly Solutions Inc.

Herman Witlox
This system is a life-saver!

– Herman Witlox

Braze in the News

See the news features we have done through various media outlets, such as CTV, Ontario Brain Institute, and Accessible Media Inc.


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