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Our Top 5 Accessibility-Themed Holiday Gifts

Accessible Holiday Gifts for 2020!


As the snow begins to fly, and holiday music is playing on every radio station, there is no avoiding that the holidays are here! We have made a holiday gift guide with the perfect gifts for your friends & family who use a wheelchair. Keep them safe and happy this holiday season with Braze Mobility’s accessible holiday gifting guide! 

We have not tested these products for their usability, and advise that you do due diligence before purchase. 

  1. Access Masks ($21 CAD)

These face masks made by the Como foundation, make communication accessible to all through the use of a window in the face shield. This allows for easy lip reading for the hard of hearing, and can help people with speech difficulties communicate all while staying safe behind a mask. The fun colours and designs mean you can choose the perfect mask for your friend or loved one, and maybe for yourself as well to make the world a little more accessible! 

  1. Fun seat covers ($48 USD)

This website offers lots of wheelchair cushion covers in fun designs- with over 20 fabrics to choose from you can find the perfect one for a gift! The website custom makes them to fit any wheelchair, or if you are feeling crafty you could visit your local fabric store and make your own!

  1. Light up wheels ($39 USD)

These castor wheels are self-powered (meaning no need for battery replacements!) and will make a disco-party wherever you and your friend go! They come in a variety of sizes on the website. 

  1. The Braze Sentina
A photo of the Braze Mobility Sentina sensor

The Braze Sentina is a blind spot sensor system that can turn any wheelchair into a “smart” wheelchair. These add-on devices easily attach to any wheelchair and offer visual, audio, and vibrational feedback to wheelchair users regarding the location and proximity of obstacles. They provide the freedom of improved maneuverability, increased spatial awareness, and increased safety.

More information about the Braze Sentina can be found here!

  1. Umbrella holder ($17 CAD)

Depending on where you live, it’s hard to escape the rain. Even harder is having enough hands to steer/propel a wheelchair and hold an umbrella! With the gift of this umbrella holder, every time your friend or relative stays dry in the rain, they will think of you and your awesome gifting skills! 

Do you have any other accessibility gift ideas that you think would make someone’s holiday? Let us know in the comments!

From all of us at Braze Mobility, have a very safe and happy holiday season!

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