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What is the difference between the Hydra and Sentina?

What distances does the Braze Sentina detect?

What distances does the Braze Hydra monitor?

Which product will fit on my chair?

Is this device funded?

How many vibration pads do I need?

Will this product stop or control my chair in any way?

Is this a backup camera?

Does this plug into my chair? How is it powered?

Info for Therapists & Caregivers

What are Braze Mobility products?

Which of my clients would benefit from these products?

Which of my clients are unable to use these products?

Will this product help my client avoid collisions?

Which Braze Product is right for my client?

What funding is available for these products?

Where can I find more information?

Is this a medical device?

Info for Veteran's Affairs Funding

Are Braze products sold through any V.A. approved vendors?

How can I add Braze Products to my equipment list?

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