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David's Sentina

David's Sentina

Long term care homes often face challenges with safety regarding power mobility devices. The high concentration of people who use power wheelchairs and people at high risk of injury from falls creates a challenge for therapists and staff to find solutions that maximize independence, while preventing undue risk to other residents.

Dearness home in London is a municipally owned long term care home run by the City of London. The staff have a strong dedication to ensuring good care and maximizing the independence of residents regardless of ability. One resident, David, who drives a power wheelchair was struggling to navigate through the hallways and tight spaces at Dearness. David has a friend who saw Braze Mobility present our product at the CNE Innovation Garage, and thought the Braze blind spot sensor system would help his friend navigate in his power wheelchair.

Mary Beth, an occupational therapist at Dearness Home agreed that the Braze system would be a big help to David, and purchased a Training Kit for the home. A Braze Sentina from this kit was installed on David’s chair, so he could demo the system, and see whether it would help him to navigate throughout the home. When the system was installed on the chair, David was able to know what was around him, and navigate through corridors. Maddie and Pooja from Braze Mobility traveled to Dearness to see how the system helped, and David had some rave reviews.

"I like it, it helps me" -DavidUnfortunately for David, there were multiple other residents that Mary Beth thought could benefit from the system, and he had to return the Training Kit Sentina. Mary Beth and David began to look into options for getting his own unit funded. Applications were sent to various assistive device funding organizations, including March of Dimes Canada.

After a short wait, Braze Mobility and David were both contacted by the Assistive Devices department of March of Dimes Canada. They offered to pay 100% of the cost of the device, meaning David would have his own unit!

Braze and Mary Beth planned out a surprise for David, who was very excited to receive his Braze Sentina!

The day of the delivery, Pooja and Maddie wrapped up the Sentina and hit the road to London! Watch the video below to see David receive his Sentina!

Braze Mobility would like to sincerely thank Mary Beth for her never ending support of the abilities of the Dearness Home residents, March of Dimes for recognizing the needs of people who use wheelchairs, and generously fund devices and most of all David, for his enthusiasm and support for our products!!

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Dec 10, 2018 • Posted by Dorli Herman

Bravo Braze. That looks like a life changing device for David. Merry Christmas came early.
Thanks for all your good work!

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