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Wheelchair Safety with Integrity: Inspiring Mobility through Solidarity

By Braze Mobility | 24 September 2023

In a world where the power of perception often shapes our understanding of others as well as ourselves, it’s crucial to embark on an exploration of wheelchair safety in solidarity with promoting inclusive mobility that values integrity and wellness beyond physical needs. Debunking prevailing social myths surrounding the cognitive capabilities of individual mobility device users,…

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Safeguarding Wheelchair Users: Unveiling 3 Key Environmental Barriers that Impact the Safe Use of Wheelchairs

By Geanna | 14 August 2023

In this blog, you will learn how wheelchairs can enrich quality of life as you discover the three most common yet impactful environmental obstacles as well as ways to overcome them. From accessibility options, weather conditions, to population density, we break these factors down thoroughly in relation to mobility safety. Our goal of the Wheelchair…

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Alt Text "A corner of a white wall showing floor boards that have been removed due to wheelchair damage, with pine colour wood exposed under the damage along with the metal corner beam exposed under the damage."

3 Reasons for Accidents with Wheelchairs that Might Surprise You (Technological Factors)

By Braze Mobility | 17 July 2023

Safety is a prevalent issue related to wheelchair use, with one study highlighting that 55% of wheelchair users reported experiencing at least one collision, and 17% reported experiencing two or more collisions within a three year period. You can read our earlier blog article on the prevalence of wheelchair collisions for additional statistics. Here is…

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Two VA therapists standing in front of a Veteran that's using a power wheelchair.

VA collaborates to improve safety of power wheelchair users

By Braze Mobility | 16 January 2023

Over 425 participants tuned in over two days to see 19 external health care innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups pitch their early-stage solutions for the chance to collaborate at VA’s annual Innovation Experience, a collaboration challenge to find innovative ideas to solve VA’s biggest health care challenges. Gulf Coast VA completed its collaboration with Braze Mobility to…

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Logos of U.S. Rehab and Braze Mobility announcing their new partnership

U.S. Rehab Signs Partnership Agreement with Braze Mobility

By Braze Mobility | 10 June 2022

June 10, 2022 (Waterloo, Iowa) U.S. Rehab, a division of VGM & Associates, announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Braze Mobility Inc. to make the innovative Braze Blind Spot Sensors for wheelchairs available to its members nationwide.  Braze Mobility Inc. has created the world’s first blind spot sensors that can be added to any…

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Photo showing a U.S. Veteran wheelchair user navigating a indoor obstacle course, and a staff member kneeling to take a photo of the veteran.

Central Arkansas VA to be flagship for mobility safety program

By Braze Mobility | 1 June 2022

A snippet from the article written by Chris Counts at The Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System is researching new ways to make wheelchairs and mobility chairs safer for Veterans. The organization is one of seven Veterans Health Administration sites, and the flagship site, in doing so. In a partnership with Braze Mobility, Inc., 20…

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