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Image of the wing of an airplane and the words accessible travel

Accessible Travel Ideas

By Braze Mobility | 28 January 2020

Everyone needs to get away and escape real life at some point, and no time is better than mid-winter to jet-set away! Travelling as a person with a disability can be difficult- the need to bring extra equipment and airlines who just can’t seem to figure out how to transport wheelchairs without breaking or losing…

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Image with the words Autonomous Wheelchairs

What Are Autonomous Wheelchairs?

By Braze Mobility | 15 January 2020

As self-driving cars begin to enter the market, it becomes increasingly likely that self-driving wheelchairs will be developed. The implications of this are incredible, and will certainly change the way people roll! This blog series will look at where we are now on the journey towards fully autonomous wheelchairs, as well as some of the pros…

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New Technology Helps Older Canadians Age In Place At Home Safely

By Braze Mobility | 6 December 2019

Soon after turning 70, Marianne Buzza knew it was time to downsize. But it wasn’t about the size of the house. “I love to garden and had created a bit of a monster. We needed a smaller yard!” she says with a laugh. She and her husband, Wally, also wanted to live in the town…

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Wheelchair Users Enjoy New Freedom, Thanks to “Smart” Sensors from Braze Mobility

By Braze Mobility | 22 October 2019

Dr. Pooja Viswanathan, CEO and Co-Founder of Braze Mobility appeared as a guest speaker at AGE-WELL’s National Conference in Vancouver last year. See how she created a new technology to help power wheelchairs and scooters detect obstacles, helping older adults increase their spatial awareness and maintain their independence. Watch the video for some notable highlights. You…

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