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By Braze Mobility | 1 March 2020

Robotics have the potential to impact CRT in a big way. How are startups and researchers tackling the complicated landscape? When Dan Ding first started as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh in 2001, she had never heard the term “rehabilitation robotics.” She attended robotics conferences while earning her Ph.D. in Hong Kong,…

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Image with the accessibility symbol and the words Accessible Design

All About Accessible Design

By Braze Mobility | 4 February 2020

When I joined Braze Mobility, I found all discussion of the design process fascinating, and the iterations undertaken by the design team are a great study in accessible design. The following blog series will discuss Universal Design and Accessible Design, and will profile some great design concepts that inspire and help. There is no such…

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Image of the wing of an airplane and the words accessible travel

Accessible Travel Ideas

By Braze Mobility | 28 January 2020

Everyone needs to get away and escape real life at some point, and no time is better than mid-winter to jet-set away! Travelling as a person with a disability can be difficult- the need to bring extra equipment and airlines who just can’t seem to figure out how to transport wheelchairs without breaking or losing…

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Image with the words Autonomous Wheelchairs

What Are Autonomous Wheelchairs?

By Braze Mobility | 15 January 2020

As self-driving cars begin to enter the market, it becomes increasingly likely that self-driving wheelchairs will be developed. The implications of this are incredible, and will certainly change the way people roll! This blog series will look at where we are now on the journey towards fully autonomous wheelchairs, as well as some of the pros…

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