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The Braze Mobility Team

Photo of Dr. Pooja Viswanathan

Dr. Pooja Viswanathan

Co-Founder, CEO
Dr. Viswanathan has a passion for improving accessibility and independence for people with physical disabilities. She has completed doctoral and post-doctoral research in robotics and assistive technologies and has been working with "smart" wheelchair technology for over a decade, publishing several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters on the subject (https://brazemobility.com/publications). She has also led international workshops at RESNA, ISS, and ESS, collaborating with researchers and clinicians in seating and mobility around the world. Pooja is an expert in knowledge translation and commercialization and acts as a consultant to many Canadian networks and organizations. Before founding Braze Mobility, she has worked in telecom, banking, and the automotive industry where she worked on state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms at Honda Research Institute in Silicon Valley. She has received awards and scholarships from several prestigious organizations in Canada and the U.S., including Google Scholar awards. When she's not working, she's climbing, teaching music, playing racquet sports, or solving escape rooms.
Headshot of Dr. Alex Mihailidis

Dr. Alex Mihailidis

Co-founder, Scientific Advisor
Dr. Mihailidis is an internationally recognised researcher in the field of technology and ageing, having published over 150 journal and conference papers and co-edited two books. He is very active in the rehabilitation engineering profession and has been the President for the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society for North America (RESNA), as well as a joint Scientific Director of the AGE-WELL NCE. Alex is a scientific advisor for Braze Mobility, using his expertise on ageing to help develop innovative and client centered technologies.
Photo of Allan Boyd smiling

Allan Boyd

Business Development Advisor
Allan is the former General Manager at Permobil Canada and has a wealth of experience in the complex rehab industry. He managed Invacare Corporation's seating division for 2 years and worked as Director of Operations at Special Health Systems and partner at Motion Concepts, both of which were acquired by Invacare.
Photo of Terrence Ho, the Head of Partner Success at Braze Mobility

Terrence Ho

Head of Sales Strategy, Education and Operations
Terrence is a son, brother and caregiver. He’s held roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors, where he’s learned to advocate tirelessly for the greater good as a strategist, facilitator, and community builder. One of his biggest influences is his younger brother who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Caring for his brother for almost 30 years has helped Terrence appreciate the unique needs of patients and caregivers. Terrence has been inspired by these life experiences to become a change agent and advocate for accessibility, inclusion, and mental health. When he's not advocating for others and caregiving, you’ll find him enjoying a podcast or jumping on his trampoline!
Photo of David Beckett smiling

David Beckett

Head of Product Development
David has an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo; he is well versed in mechanical, electrical and software design. David is passionate about creating the best possible products to assist as many people as he can. He is currently leading product design and development at Braze, and is working on innovative new technologies to disrupt the mobility space.

Extended Team & Development Partners

Vitruvian Engineering (Electronics Supply Chain)

Wistron Corporation (Plastics manufacturing)

Wade Watts (Customer Development Partner)

Eric Wan (Software Architecture)

CKSMS (Marketing)


Michael Tamblyn (CEO, Rakuten Kobo)

Sunil Sharma (Managing Director, Techstars Toronto)

Emanuel Istrate (Chair, IEEE)

Venkat Venkataramanan (Director of Scientific Operations, Impact Centre)

Jonathan Rose (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Toronto)

Klaus Fiebig (CAAP Senior Director and Strategic Programs, Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization)