Braze Mobility

Blind Spot Sensor Systems and Wheelchair Training

Braze sensor systems do more than just alert users to objects behind them. They were designed to increase the overall spatial awareness of the person using the system. This can be used to help people perform activities of daily living with their wheelchair, while maintaining their independence.

Blind Spot Sensor Feedback for Wheelchairs

The Braze Sentina has three rear feedback zones- right, middle and left. These zones are relayed to the user via LED lights (pictured above) and/or vibration. This intuitive feedback is helpful to navigate through tight spaces, by providing the user with a clear understanding of how they are positioned. Clients using the Braze Sentina are able to easily understand the feedback and most are able to use it to navigate within minutes. Some of the specific use cases are as follows:

Use cases of blind spot sensors for wheelchairs

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