Braze Mobility

Braze Mobility Rep Sales Meeting

Thank you for attending the sales meeting. Below were some highlights:

1. Please bookmark - your central repository for all education, marketing, and installation material.

2. We will be arranging a few VA webinars in your time zone in August. We will request you to share the information with your VA contacts to maximize attendance.

3. We will be directing our marketing efforts to the worker's compensation program as a potential reimbursement partner.  We would like to get feedback to understand the stakeholders in the reimbursement process for the Braze system. Please share your contacts with companies and people who deal with worker's comp cases.

4. Please check for funding options.

5. Please share your post-COVID-19 event schedule (with booth details). We can provide marketing support very efficiently with your target audience in a limited geographical area. 

6. Please request access to our rep resources if you have not done so already, so that we have a record of your mobile device type and can send you app updates as they come out.

Here is a recording of the meeting: