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Braze Mobility is an assistive technology company based in Toronto, Canada. At Braze Mobility Inc., we have developed blind spot sensors that can be added on to a power or manual wheelchair, transforming it into a "smart" wheelchair that can automatically detect obstacles and provide alerts to the driver through multi-modal, customisable feedback. Click here to learn more about smart wheelchairs.

About Us 

The founders of Braze Mobility Inc., Drs. Pooja Viswanathan and Alex Mihailidis, have been researchers in the smart wheelchair field for over a decade, and have been working closely with clinicians, caregivers, manufacturers, distributors, and wheelchair users for the last few years in order to increase safe and independent mobility. 

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Braze Sentina, blind spot sensor for people who use wheelchairs Braze Hydra, blind spot sensor system for people who use wheelchairs Device to increase wheelchair user awareness of surroundings, device for wheelchair users to avoid collisions and objects 

About Braze Mobility Blind Spot Sensor Systems

Blind spot sensors and wheelchair training and assessment, increase awareness for people who use wheelchairs Eligable clients, people who use wheelchairs who could benefit from blind spot sensors Where to purchase Braze Mobility blind spot sensor system for people who use wheelchairs   
Frequently Asked Questions about blind spot sensors for people who use wheelchairs, visual aids for people who use wheelchairsFunding options for Assistive Technology
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