Braze Mobility

Braze Hydra (AS-0034)

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The Braze Hydra includes 1 Echo Head (offering a 45 degree cone of coverage), and an intuitive LED light display that indicates location and proximity of obstacles. The system allows up to 2 additional Echo Heads to be plugged in (purchased separately).

The system includes:

  • An intuitive LED light display and control panel that indicates the location and proximity of obstacles
  • Short and long range modes that can be customized
  • Echo Heads can be mounted on most bars or posts of the wheelchair

The system is powered by a standard USB power source (e.g. USB hub on a powered wheelchair, low-tech power bank, etc.).

This system is recommended for clients who want a greater awareness of obstacles in targeted areas and more flexibility in mounting options. For example, Braze Echo Heads could be mounted on the left and right sides of the wheelchair for clients with low peripheral vision or visual neglect.

Included in this package:

  • 1 x Black box
  • 1 x LED light display
  • 1 x Braze Echo Head with Mount