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The Braze Sentina Max offers 180 degrees of robust horizontal coverage and 50 degrees of vertical coverage.

The system includes:

  • An intuitive LED (light) display and control panel that indicates location and proximity of obstacles
  • Short and long range modes that can be customized
  • A mount to allow installation on the rear caster wheels of a powered wheelchair

The system is powered by a standard USB power source (e.g., USB hub on a powered wheelchair, low-tech power bank, etc.). This system is recommended for clients who want a greater awareness of obstacles in the rear of the wheelchair. (Note: the system can potentially be set up for increased coverage around the front of the wheelchair in certain cases – please contact Braze Mobility customer support for alternative mounting recommendations).

Included in this package:

  • 1 x Braze Sentina Max
  • 1 x LED light display
  • 1 x Mount for caster frame

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