Braze Mobility

Vibration Module for Holiday Hydra

$35.00 $50.00

Vibration Module for Holiday Hydra

This vibration module plugs into the Braze Holiday Hydra to provide intuitive vibrations that indicate proximity to obstacles. It can be placed under the backrest, armrest, seat cushion, etc. Intensity of vibrations can be controlled by the switch on the controller module.

This vibration module is suggested for clients who want vibrational feedback to replace or supplement the visual feedback offered by the controller module.

NOTE: This module is NOT recommended for clients with spasticity and/or high sensitivity to vibrations. Direct contact with skin should be AVOIDED.

Now, for a limited time only, available for only $35 USD + Taxes!  Ships by December 25, 2017 (to U.S. and Canada only). Limit of one purchase per customer. No refunds.

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