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We are honored to serve veterans, are SAM-approved and can sell directly to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We have been featured in their AT National Newsletter. In Canada, we are listed with Medavie Blue Cross.

We Support Veterans & Their Mobility Needs

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U.S. Veterans Affairs

We are a SAM-approved vendor.

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Veterans Affairs Canada

We are listed with Medavie Blue Cross.

Blind Spot Sensor Case Study: Phil, US Marine Veteran

Phil, a 68 year old male veteran of the US Marine Corps uses a power wheelchair and is legally blind. He stated: "Just the other day I ran into a child's stroller. The kid was alright, but it scared me."

Phil needed a system that would help him:

Identify an obstacle in his environment and provide him with auditory or vibration alerts.

Allow him to safely operate his power wheelchair at home and in the community.

Phil decided to work with the Braze Mobility System. He had this to say after using the system for 2 months,

"Without a doubt, having [Braze sensors] in both the front and rear has been the cat's meow for me. It is everything I had hoped for and expected. I won't hesitate to recommend it." "It really makes me more mobile, safe and secure."

Phil, a Marine Veteran using the Braze Sentina