Blind Spot Sensors For Wheelchairs

We’ve created the world’s first patented blind spot sensors that can be added to any wheelchair, transforming it into a "smart" wheelchair. Our system provides multi-modal alerts to the user regarding location and proximity of obstacles through intuitive lights, sounds, vibrations.

For Veterans

We are honored to serve veterans, are SAM-approved and can sell directly to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We have been featured in their AT National Newsletter. In Canada, we are listed with Medavie Blue Cross.

For Therapists

Our blind spot sensors are based on over a decade of research by a trans-disciplinary team consisting of leading clinical researchers in wheelchair training and assessment, as well as engineers developing state-of-the-art "smart" wheelchairs. We use clinical evidence, user centered design methods, and co-design with users to ensure that our products help users, their families, and therapists achieve their goals for independent mobility.


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Photo of Hassan in a power wheelchair, a customer using the Braze Mobility product